see the point

there is this vastness
within and without
encompassing all
experiencing each point
sometimes the point remains conscious
of itself, and sometimes not even that
occasionally focuses on other points
the pointed mind cannot fathom
how the points stay connected
when it connects the dots
it barely begins to see
the web of oneness
i ask the mind
to digress
see the

a fine line?

there’s a fine line between self love and vanity
there’s a fine line between selfishness
and self centeredness
there’s a fine line between love and hate
between human and divine
between helping and hurting
between young and old
between you and me

maybe it’s not a line
but an elusive wave
closing in and fanning out
blending and detaching
though never completely
what’s a line anyway
but a connection between
two hypothetical points

mahalo ke akua

for the waves of love
undulating through the many in one universes
always accessible
forever freely flowing
gently coaxing
patiently advancing and retreating
never giving up
the chance of someone willing to ride

waves of nothing

there was nothing
neither light nor dark
no perception no senses
no movement
no time no place
no waiting
no chaos
no peace
no beginning no end

sets waves in motion
thought waves
sound waves
light waves
oceans of waves

lifetimes of waves

many lifetimes lived in one
one after another like waves marching
relentless, endlessly toward shore in order
rhythmically, age old themes,
repeating ripples with slight variations,
reliving old stories with new characters
new sets, slowly advancing like swells
dramatically birthed in storms out at sea
traveling great distances through time
dying at the shoreline yet still
in the ocean

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